1. Cosmetic challenges (spaces and gaps)
  2. Functional loss (inadequate chewing can result in digestion issues such as gastric reflux)
  3. Speech issues (whistling or spitting)
  4. Bone loss (jaw is sunken due to loss of stimulation)
  5. Recession of adjacent teeth (leads to gum disease, decay, sensitivity, mobility and tooth loss; “domino effect”)
  6. Bite misalignment (shifting, drifting, flaring, fanning-out, migration, and eruption of unopposed teeth)
  7. Over-stressed teeth (an uneven force distribution disturbs the balance and overloads the teeth)
  8. Headaches – stress and damage to the joints (TMJ)
  9. Facial aesthetics (skin will sag)
  10. Emotional effects (loss of confidence in smiling)

Common approaches to replacing missing teeth are dental implants, fixed partial dentures, or removable partial dentures.

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