I thought you might be interested in information regarding the new locator R-Tx denture attachment:

Can treat a 60 degree (rather than 40 degree) convergence/divergence between implants eliminating the need for angled abutments.
Patient is able to more easily align and seat the denture due to the tapered dual engaging geometry of the abutment.
Horizontal grooves in the housing allow for enhanced pivot range of motion and better resistance to vertical and rotational movements.
Pink color is more esthetic.
All in one packaging includes abutment and processing components.
And more! (See above)

Keep in mind:
Uses a different torque driver .050”/1.25mm Hex.
Uses a new locator tool.

For more information:
Click here for video: Clinical Demonstration: Pick-up of Zest Locator R-Tx Denture Attachment Housings
Click here for guide and manual: Locator R-Tx Technique Manual
Study: Load Transfer Characteristics of Various Designs of Three-Implant-Retained Mandibular Overdentures

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